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I enjoy writing. For some years now, I've considered starting a blog. What has always prevented me from actually doing it, however, was the thought, "What the heck will I write about, and who will actually read it?"

While I still haven't fully answered that question, I've decided to just do it anyway. I will write about nothing and everything - just my observations, ponderings, and musings about life; my occasional random reflections; deep and not so deep thoughts. I am not writing for professional reasons, to make money (although that wouldn’t be a bad thing!), or to focus on one specific topic in which I claim to be an expert (I don’t think there are any!). I am writing for the sake of writing.

Over the years, as I pondered entering the world of blogdom, Seinfeld would always come to mind. Although it was dubbed "a show about nothing," it was wildly successful, running for nine years and made 90's television memorable. Unlike other sitcoms, the show was guilty of having no one particular focus, yet millions of us were addicted. We watched because we could somehow relate to the show’s peculiar, quirky characters and the meaningless minutia with which their – our - daily lives are filled. Unable to remember where you parked your car in a parking garage, being told by the restaurant hostess that the wait for a table is five minutes which actually turns into forty five minutes, requesting a special order at a restaurant and being told vehemently by the chef, "No! NO soup for you!" (unless of course you're at Burger King where you can always have it your way, because special orders don't upset them).

Nothing, as it turned out, was really quite something.

I recently read that every two seconds a blog is created, so I am now officially a statistic. Does that mean odds are that very few people will ever read this? Perhaps, but I'm OK with that.

Hopefully, this new endeavor will better my writing skills and help me to think more critically and clearly. It has challenged my somewhat self described limited technical skills, and this is a good thing, because I've stepped out of my comfort zone and this has afforded me the opportunity to learn something new. Also a good thing. I consider myself more of a right-brained, creative type with a foggy spot on the left side. But alas, I've discovered there are signs of life in my western hemisphere and it has been fun setting up my own website.

I have always been grateful that I am able to notice and appreciate the little things in life, and I'm hopeful that blogging will sharpen that awareness even more. Perhaps even my perfectionist tendencies will be reduced, as I must learn to accept that what I write will not be perfect, but rather, "good enough." Like any creative endeavor, the temptation exists to tweak your work so it is "just right." Add one more paragraph, remove two sentences, adjust the hues in that photo, darken the mood in that watercolor, add more harmonies to that musical piece. At which point is it done? Fini. Finito. Complete. Stick a fork in it.

Finally, blogging will definitely test my discipline. One of the cardinal rules of blogging is to do so consistently. However, that being said, I am not fooling myself into thinking that I will do so. Time and life can get in the way, and for me, this a hobby. Besides, weren't some rules made to be broken, or at least bent?

While a reader or two might find my musings entertaining, I realize that, as I finish penning this entry, I really write for myself. Writing provides an outlet for my creativity and gives me a sense of satisfaction. It makes me happy. When I enter a state of flow, lose track of time, and suddenly reaIize that it's midnight, that is when I know I am doing what I love. And that is a good feeling.

So, when the spirit moves me, or inspiration strikes, I will write. The topics will be arbitrary; random. People, places, things. No rules, no restrictions. I suspect future posts could be serious, soulful, silly, sarcastic, or even sad. We’ll have to wait and see. Like all of us, it's a work in progress.

But for now, I need to start somewhere. So I think I'll start with Leo. Leo is one of my very favorite subjects and is a good man, who fortunately, crossed my path a couple of years ago and made a lasting impression on me. So please, let me introduce you to this good man. I think you might like him, too. Some of you may have already "met" him. Please read on, if you'd like. And if you're generally curious, feel free to follow Patty Ponders on Facebook.

I don't know when or what I will write about next, but I'm sure glad I finally started writing something about nothing. Blah Blah Blah...


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